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Adam Ezra Group


August 27, Salisbury Beach MA


updated: 1 month ago

Sound of the Sea Cruise!

Sound of the Sea Cruise

updated: 2 weeks ago

Thank You Boston!

Thank You Boston

updated: 3 months ago

"Songs For A Movie"

Available Now!

Songs For A Movie

updated: 3 months ago

Check Here For New Show Dates!

Check Here For New Show Dates

updated: 1 year ago

Better Than Bootleg Vol. 2 !!

Better Than Bootleg Vol 2

updated: 1 year ago

AEG Gear!

AEG Gear

updated: 3 years ago

Read Fan Reviews! Been to a Show? Write Your Own!

Read Fan Reviews Been to a Show Write Your Own

updated: 3 years ago

Alternate Root Magazine names AEG #1 Band in Boston!

Alternate Root Magazine names AEG 1 Band in Boston

updated: 3 years ago

The Devil Came Up To Boston!

(WARNING:  wicked naughty language!)

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Click Here to Download FREE!

updated: 2 years ago

Daniel the Brave Reaches #7 on the Roots Rock Radio Charts!

Daniel the Brave Reaches 7 on the Roots Rock Radio Charts
That's us along with John Hiatt, Bonnie Raitt, Jimi Hendrix, Grant-Lee Phillips, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, Ry Cooder, Neil Young....

updated: 3 years ago

ASL Another Sunshine Duet!

updated: 3 years ago