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-Self Control? Me? Nope!

sons of anarchy.

ever seen it?

good show.

really good.

i mean, not cut off a digit to watch it good, but pretty frickin good.

as with most things that are really enjoyable in life, i feel like most normal people tend to have an off switch throughout the consumptive process. not so much with me...and thus, we have stumbled upon one of my major character flaws...

take werthers originals, the greatest candy ever made. while most people might enjoy one or two in a sitting, (maybe 4 or 5 if they really have their game on), i will literally eat them delicious discs of buttery goodness until i am doubled over...stomach distended...eyes watering. if the guys in the group see me with a bag of werthers, they will literally take the bag away from me, and portion me out a werther every half hour or so. (i sad)

i saw an episode of the simpsons where homer got a late night snack craving, afterwards proclaiming "72 slices of american cheese...i think i'm blind..." i was like, "i feel you, brother!! AMEN!!"

(also sad)

but i am not here to talk about werthers originals, or my soul connection with homer simpson. i am here to talk about sons of anarchy and my blatant disregard for anything resembling self control. i started watching with alley earlier last week. first couple episodes were great. in fact, she humored me and stayed up until 5am watching a handful of episodes one night.

now i recognize that when two people embark on a tv series together in such a fashion, there is a tacit understanding that they will continue watching the series together. otherwise it's like going out to dinner with someone, eating appetizers, and then moving to separate tables for the entrees.

the next day though, i was in the van with the guys, and thanks to turtle's netflix account, i had sons of anarchy just a click away.

i strayed.

i strayed hard.

what started out as a minor indiscretion (2 episodes), became a full blown, torrid affair. i literally, true to form, spent the next three nights not sleeping and finished all 2 seasons.

i couldn't help it. once i have the chance to escape into another world, i become consumed. the same thing happens with a good book, and especially when i'm in the midst of writing a song. both myself and the world that i've always known melt away, and i am floating in the ether of a universe with infinite imaginative possibilities.

sons of anarchy took me there.

alley and i were at dinner with a bunch of friends later that week. sons of anarchy came up in conversation and i came clean right there at the table...couldn't live the lie any longer...

alley punched me.


gut shot.

"but al!" i croaked out, desperately hoping to snub the spectacle, "don't be upset...we still have arrested development!"

this, of course, prompted another shot to the gut, as our friends all laughed at my pain and toasted alley, the victim of a man who strayed.

(later that night one of my buddies informed me that he already had season 3 on his computer. i'm hoping to get them this week)

...don't tell alley.


aezra 1198

next month we will be releasing the first track off the upcoming acoustic album "the portentous beginnings of daniel the brave"!

the song is called "house on a mountainside" .

i LOVE this song and we are all thrilled at how the recording came out! so psyched to share it with you!

if all continues to go according to plan , we'll be releasing a new track every month for the rest of the year! wahoo!!


got some great shows and fests coming up this summer as well! check out the TOUR PAGE for the full schedule but here are some of the shows we definitely want you to know about:

  • Concert Cruise!
    aezra 1198

this will be our biggest show of the summer. a total blast. music on a boat cruising through the boston harbor islands w/ our friends the alternate routes! july 10.

tix and info: CLICK HERE!

  • Burlington VT!
    it’s been a while! July 1 outdoors at the Red Square!

  • Plus: shows with Los Lobos and Alison Krauss! Camp Creek in Maine! Bella Terra Fest in NY! and lots more!


Also, we're shooting a video on June 21 in Boston. Wanna be in it? Let us know!

updated: 5 years ago