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-The Boat Show! / We have Too Much New Music!

-The Boat Show  We have Too Much New Music


"can that ever be the case?", you might ask.

well, not really.

not in my opinion, at least.

but it does make things tricky sometimes.

for instance, we have our latest band album scheduled to release this fall, and we are EXTREMELY EXCITED for this!

however, we also have an acoustic album we are finishing up, that we are ALSO extremely excited about!

now there is a rule in the music industry, that you can't release 2 albums at once. perhaps a stupid rule, i'll grant you...(like them people who insist you can't drink red wine with fish, or wear brown and black in the same outfit.)

but i also see the point.

coming out with a new album is a really special thing for us. we don't want to take away from either project by celebrating them both at once! it would be like eating the ice cream sunday at the same time that you're eating the burger...both are delicious and need to be enjoyed, to a certain extent, on their own.

that said, me and the boys are impetuous, impervious, and above all, impatient. screw that.

on monday of next week we will be releasing track 1 off of our upcoming acoustic album "daniel the brave".


over the next stretch of time, we will be coming out with one new song each month, for download on our site, itunes, and wherever else you can find it on that there interweb.

we'll officially release the full album next year at some point, but we simply couldn't wait that long to begin sharing our music with you...

on monday of next week, please visit us and download our new song "House on a Mountainside". we think you'll love it!!!!

we do!


i really have to say, that for me there is one perk that stands out amongst a crowd of otherwise, bountiful, summer perkdom.

aezra 1213

there is nothin better than playing outside!!


just got back from a 4 day run of shows over 4th of july weekend...all outdoors...all absurdly fun!

for this, i would personally like to thank the god of debaucherous, freedomistic, celebration, and the god of breezy, sunshine, event-planning...for playing so nicely together over 4th of july weekend... 'twas amazing!

i just checked the weather for this weekend, and it looks like the god of floatation and mirth is as excited as we are for:

sunday's boat cruise in boston harbor!!!!

a perfect day!!!

80 degrees and sunny!!!

come out and join us for the show that we're most looking forward to all summer.

bring floaties, sunglasses, SPF 93, and the desire to combine live music, drinking, and bouyancy!

boat boards at 2!

tix will be $28 on the day of, but you can get them for $20 if you buy in advance through our site!!

get tickets here!

(stay tuned to facebook for info on the after-party!)


otherwise, check the schedule for summery concert goodness throughout new england, all july and august. psyched to see you out and about...


and, because it is probably one of the top 3 stupidest videos we've ever done, we thought we'd repost "I'm on a Boat" for you good people...

click here to watch us make fools of ourselves.



ad and the boys

updated: 5 years ago