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making music in the woods...

making music in the woods
in july we headed up into the catskill mountains of new york for a week of recording with producer tim leitner for the upcoming acoustic album. this was by far one of the coolest recording experiences i've ever had in my life.
   first of all, tim lives in an extremely quirky country home on the side of a mountain. the house started out as a little cabin and over the years residents have added wacky, "do it yourself" additions all over the place. the end result is a cross between bilbo's hobbit home, a tree fort, an old country farmhouse, and an escher painting.
   when josh and i showed up for the first day of recording, tim had completely wired the house up, and turned the entire place into a giant recording studio. he worked from a control room in his den, and over the week as more of the group showed up we would all play and record live from different rooms and different floors. i don't know how he did it, but the sounds he was getting were amazing! so excited to share this project with you!
   so for those of you who were confused by the mailman song that josh posted a while ago, tim and his wife dara had been having trouble with their mailbox and their mailperson was refusing to deliver their mail. ...a big thorn in their side, and the inspiration for our improvised little sound check that tim had the bad sense to actually record. to answer some of your questions, NO, these are not actually going to be going on the album. but there is definitely some quirky shit that is going to make it's way onto the cd. we spent hours one day stomping floors, slapping walls, throwing dishes, dropping silverware, banging on pots, and creating general riotous chaos....all going onto a new song called scandal that some of you have heard at some of the acoustic shows...may be my favorite track on the album so far.
   but the best part of the week for me entailed connecting to my woodsy, burrowing, hippie roots. we would work from 10am to about 1am each day. during breaks i would scamper off, across the stream in tim's back yard, and up into the mountain hills behind his house. very wild country, mosly had to make my own trails. i brought up my own tent, and at night i would sleep on a ledge out in the woods. epic, contented dreams. wake up in the morning, strip off the clothes, dunk in the tadpole pond (showers are for the weak), and record all day. rinse. repeat. all week.
   i literally fealt like those guys in field of dreams that kept asking if they were in heaven. nope, just kerhonkson, new york.
   what else to tell… tims wife dara hung with us all week, and took wonderfull care of us. josh's family came up for a couple nights. good to see his wife sarah and two daughters, (lyra – 4 and seraphina - 1), spending quality time with the band. the road isn't often very family friendly...
   this project was originally meant to be a solo acoustic album. i need to do this every once in a while, because i get a build up of songs that i need to get out into the world. we simply don't have enough time to play all of the songs i write, so we have to pick and choose which ones to adopt as the group. the others get put onto solo albums where they sometimes get picked up by the band later.
   so anyways, this project has been such an exciting one, that i simply had to invite the group into the mix. rather than our usual band process where we take one of my songs and co-create the parts for each instrument, tim, josh (also helping to produce this project), and i came into this thing with pretty formed ideas about where we wanted the songs to go. in addition it's going to feel much more acoustic guitary than our last recordings. (yes, guitary is a perfectly fine word...back off)
   so here is the question: now that we have the band playing on a bunch of the album, should it be an adam ezra group project? even if the approach and sound for the project sounds different than most of the stuff we're doing as the group right now? hard question, right?
   send us your thoughts.  we'd love to hear them.  we're all very confused...

updated: 7 years ago