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-Homes For 13 Homeless Veterans! Thank You Ramblers!


We’ve played thousands of shows, all around the country, in all different settings, but NOTHING compared to this year’s RAMBLE!!

What an incredibly inspiring thing to be a part of. OVER TWO THOUSAND OF YOU CAME OUT... to celebrate, to dance, to swim, to party, and to connect and support our homeless veterans here in New England!

aezra 2669

We can’t give you a final number, as money is still coming in, but for every $1k The Ramble raises this year we help put 1 homeless vet into safe housing.  So far, thanks to you amazing people, 13 veterans from around New England will no longer be living on the streets!! Our goal now is to get to 15 by the end of next week, when we’ll deliver our final check to Veterans Matter who will work with The New England Center for Homeless Veterans to get our vets into their new homes.

WANNA HELP US GET THERE???  Here are 3 ways:

1) Click the “donate” button on
2) Check out pix from McCardinal Photo here.  Chances are you’re in one, or at the very least, see one ya like. Order your favs for a small donation! Bring ‘em to a future show and we’ll sign ‘em for ya!
3) Buy Ramble T’s, Koozies, and The Ramble Compilation Album, featuring every artist who played that day as well as exclusive live tracks from AEG at last year’s Ramble!! Check out the store!

Lastly, we are incredibly proud to announce that Tom Morello of “Rage Against The Machine” is the recipient of this year’s “Golden Bus Award”!!  In addition to his amazing message to Ramblers last week, he and Adam sat down and chatted about his life and music on camera.  AS OF RIGHT NOW, YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT ON GETRAMBLED.COM!!!!

We have lots of other big news to share, but we’re gonna wait a week or two to let the cat out of the bag...  Meanwhile, check out the tour page for a lotta fun shows comin’ up, and stay patient with us, THE LIVE ALBUM IS COMING SOON!!

Thank you for sharing this ride with us...


updated: 3 years ago