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5 a.m. longest blog ever! the flu! haggis! ellis! cd!

5 am longest blog ever the flu haggis ellis cd
it's still dark at 5am. always weird to me, everytime i wake up at this hour. the darkness. i somehow feel like i've been cheated out of having the sun help me wake up. to be honest, i have way more memories of seeing the sun begin to rise before going to sleep, than i do seeing darkness after wake up. reminds me of wrestling season. yup. that's right. your humble narrator wrestled at 152 pounds my senior year of high school. in addition to practice everyday after school, i would wake up at 5am to get an extra workout in before school started.
   dark then too.  i hated running, but i got some of  my best runs in during those early dark hours of the day.  
   feels like wrestling season this week. intense. got in last week from chicago. picked up by turtle and shuttled right off to the next gig. the last 6 days have been packed with 6 shows, 2 studio sessions...oh yeah, and the flu. hard being sick with alotta shit to do, ya know? can't cancel. things are going too well! even with no voice, which has been the case for the last 3 days, we've had some great shows and studio sessions. it's 5 am and i'm driving to a recording session 2 hours away in my hometown city of boston.
   this is where it all catches up to me.  gotta record vocals today and i still haven't gotten my voice back.
   should postpone, but can't.
   the cd goes into manufacturing a couple weeks from today, and as of now, this is the only day i'm not on the road between now and then.
   not sure what's gonna happen.
   not stressed though.
   how can i be?
   i frickin get to make music for a living!  i mean, what's the worst that could happen?  
   well, a lot of terrible things actually, but the point is that tomorrow, when i wake up, (hopefully at a more reasonable hour), i'll still be making music. ya know?
   let's fast forward first.
   starting on friday i'm doing a stretch of shows with ellis paul. can't wait! hitting pa and long island this weekend, and then banging out a midwest stretch that will take us through iowa, kansas, and missouri. so cool! everytime i play with ellis i learn things about songwriting, performance, life...feels like i'm apprenticing with a master craftsman. he's the balls. gonna be a good couple weeks...
   ...assuming i get my voice back.  
   then off to colorado for a string of 5 shows, one of which will be opening for robert randolf and the family band...wahoo! wish i was going to have the group out there with me for that, but wattayagonnado...
   then los angeles. WARM SUNSHINE!
   then back east for portsmouth, hartford, and...drumroll please...the 1st annual rockoustigrass winter solstice soire and holiday festivus at the big easy in portland, featuring aeg! wahoo!! our friends from girls, guns, and glory will be starting the night off, and redhook brewering company will be providing ridiculously delicious and cheap beverages along with lots of prizes and gifts. did i mention, wahoo!
   ok, let's rewind a second:
   you fucking people are amazing!  
   thanks so much for sending me so much love on my bday last week. (or was it two weeks ago?). whatever. the point is that while out scampering through the woods, i would, on occasion, find a bar or two of coverage...just enough to check facebook to see hundreds of people checking in to say hi. what an amazing feeling!
   thanks yall.
   i'm a lucky boy.
   had a great show at savor the flavor coffee house in chicago. thanks to all of you who came out to see the show! so cool to have a room full of people at a show 1000 miles away from home.
   spent a week with 60 ridiculously energetic 5th graders in the woods. (this probably deserves an entree of it's own at some point)
   then back for a show in north adams at mass college of liberal arts where the crowd was small but fierce! psyched to see yall at the cd release concert in a couple months!
   half door in people rage.  cant wait to come back in 2010...
   to the folks at breath: new hampshire, thanks for having us at breathefest this year.  we had a blast.
   as for you folks in portsmouth...i can only shake my head. i mean, honestly, we did NOT expect the crowd that came out last friday. packed! amazing! jesus! where are all you folks coming from! i love it! at this rate you portsmouther's will beging to rival our boston crowds before long!
   ENTER THE HAGGIS! no, it's not some celtic ritualistic the group of irish rockers whom we opened for this weekend in ma and ct. great music. great bunch of guys. great crowds! problem was that i had no voice. problem. i mean i realize my voice ain't the prettiest thing in the world to begin with, but it at least has the advantage of articulating thought and some semblance of melody, ya know? luckily i had turtle with to his singing voice, even my choked out, garbled babblings could only be construed as a positive...
   yeah...i said it, turtle.  wachu got?
   thanks to ETH as well as TCAN and infinity hall for having us.  we had an incredible weekend!
   2 studio sessions in nyc yesterday. finished up remixes of half a hero and vision during the first session. you're gonna love'm! then finished up 2 new tracks for the album during the night session. wanna hint at what they are?
   here's an anagram that contains both names.  if you get it and drop the answer into our inbox you get the CD for free:
   judges ars's can all shit
   or if you prefer something a little less pictoral, yet still profane:
   grand hall's justice?  ...ass.
   that's it for now.  the sun is rising.  

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