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National Tour with Rusted Root, Enter the Haggis, and Assembly of Dust!

National Tour with Rusted Root Enter the Haggis and Assembly of Dust
hey all,

got good stuff to announce!

we'll soon be making tracks across the country, on tour with three of our favorite bands; Rusted Root, Enter the Haggis, and Assembly of Dust!  we'll be rollin for the better part of two months, equipped with a new van (which still needs a name) and new songs, through 15 states, makin music, and sampling all the best bbq the midwest and the south has to offer!

keep tabs on us through our website ( and facebook (, and come out for a visit when we pass through your neck of the woods! and if you know anyone in any of the spots we'll be visiting, pass it along!


20  -  Le Poisson Rouge  -  8:30  -  New York, NY

23  -  Private Event  -  Purchase, NY

27  -  The Handlebar  -  Greenville, SC (w/ Rusted Root)

28  -  Jannus Live  -  St. Petersburg, FL (w/ Rusted Root)

29  -  Revolution  -  Ft. Lauderdale, FL (w/ Rusted Root)

30  -  The Stone Church  -  New Market, NH (AEG headlines)

(yes, that show in nh is indeed the day after a show in florida with rusted root! how's that gonna happen? no sleep, a couple of planes, red bull. tickets for that nh show are available here:


1  -  Soul Kitchen  -  Mobile, AL (w/ Rusted Root)

2  -  Masquerade  -  Atlanta, GA (w/ Rusted Root)

4  -  8 x 10 Club  -  Baltimore, MD (AEG headlines)

5  -  The Armory  -  Rochester, NY (w/ Rusted Root)

10  -  State Theater  -  Falls Church, VA (w/ Rusted Root)

11  -  Jack Potts  -  Cincinnati, OH (AEG headlines)

12  -  Kinetic Playground  -  Chicago, IL (AEG headlines)

13  -  Private Workshop  -  Mankato, MN

14  -  MNSU  -  Mankato, MN (AEG headlines)

17  -  Old Rock House  -  St. Louis, MO (w/ Enter the Haggis)

18  -  Byrne's Pub  -  Columbus, OH (w/ Enter the Haggis)

19  -  Shannon Pub  -  Buffalo, NY (w/ Enter the Haggis)

21  -  Castaways  -  Ithaca, NY (w/ Enter the Haggis)

24  -  Sellersville Theater  -  Sellersville, PA (w/ Enter the Haggis)

25  -  Sellersville Theater  -  Sellersville, PA (w/ Enter the Haggis)

27  -  The River Club  -  Scituate, MA (special acoustic performance w/ Ellis Paul)

28  -  University Café  -  Stony Brook, NY (special acoustic performance w/ Ellis Paul)


2  -  Higher Ground  -  Burlington, VT (w/ Enter the Haggis)

8  -  Half Door  -  Hartford, CT (AEG headlines)

10  -  Center for the Arts  -  Natick, MA (w/ Enter the Haggis)

11  -  Jillians  -  Albany, NY (w/ Enter the Haggis)

26, 27, 28  -  a weekend w/ AEG at the den at Mansfield base lodge  -  Stowe, VT

29  -  World Café Live  -  Philadelphia, PA (w/ Assembly of Dust)

31  -  The Colonial Theater  -  Keene, NH (w/ Assembly of Dust)


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