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a moment of sheer panic...

i had a moment of panic last week when i realized i had not even thought of, nor planned for my being away on election day.  already on the road with rusted root, that moment of panic soon turned into a wave of frustration where it lingered for a little while and finally nestled it's way down to a dark vortex of shame.  yes, excuse my language (which i have been trying to clean up a bit lately), but i am fucking ashamed of myself right now.   i will not be taking part in my favorite thing to do as an american and as an active participant in my community.  i will not be voting.

i'm sitting in the van right now in a destitute parking lot behind the club in mobile, alabama.  i ate terrible thai food earlier and i am as sick as a dog being sick on another dog after realizing it just ate thai food made out of dogs who were probably also sick.

fyi - that's not good.

rusted root is raging right now in the club.  i can hear them.  they kick ass.  michael, (lead singer, guitarist and songwriter), got up on stage with us tonight for two songs during our set...amazing.

anyways, i'm kinda glad i'm sick.  it's like my body is mimicking my sickened mental state as i read the new york times on my iphone and prepare myself for election day.

i realize that you, our family of listeners and friends, come from all kinds of different backgrounds politically, culturally, and religiously.  i try to keep my own political views from infiltrating my blogs and performances...(for the most part at least).

so i'll just say this:

i think that to be an american right now is to be scared.  i'm scared all the time.  i'm scared of not being the super power we once were.  i'm scared about the severity of america's economic downturn.  i'm scared that so many people in the world hate us so passionately.  i'm scared that i don't have healthcare right now.  (yes, everyone's supposed to be covered in massachusetts, but they canceled my policy for some reason, and in the midst of recording an album and playing 50 shows in the last two months, sorting through the beaurocracy to figure that one out during my precious few hours of free time is about as appealing as eating my left arm dipped in the spicy coconut thai soup that already made me sick once today).  i'm scared about budget cuts to schools.  i'm scared for the unemployed 50 year old auto worker in flint michigan who is never going to find a job again.  i'm scared about the wars we are fighting and our brothers and sisters who are serving over seas.  i'm scared that as water levels rise, they are simply not going to be able to build a levy high enough in new orleans.  china scares the shit out of me.

...but none of it scares me as much as the tea party.

the corporations behind the money used to fund the tea party have used our fear to manipulate this election.

the tea party movement benefits from millions of dollars from conservative foundations that are derived from wealthy U.S. families and their business interests. google “tea party funding”.

the tea party doesn’t represent you. it represents BP, and Exxon.

here’s what I know:

extremely limited government hurts poor people.

global warming exists.

gay people should have the same rights as everyone else.

not since the mccarthy era have the political waters been so manipulated by our fears as americans.


be better than me.

use your voice today.

no matter whom it is you are voting for, activate.  let your voice be heard.

i'm gonna go vomit on myself and watch CNN...

updated: 6 years ago