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Chapter 3: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 3 Best and Worst of 2010

Producer Aaron Johnson

Chapter 3. the studio and label -

the music industry is changing dramatically these days. as radio and cd sales continue to plummet, labels are taking on fewer and fewer artists, and the artists they do pick up are often already making millions. one hears stories about the good ole' days when labels would invest in artists, early in their careers, by connecting them with amazing producers and investing in big albums.

well, to our surprise and excitement, this seems to be happening to us right now...wahoo!

the story starts off strange, but like most success stories in the music industry, a little strangeness is often just the thing to tip the scales in your favor.

we were contacted a while back by a guy named roie avin, who runs a website called, and a start up indie label called "royal avenue music". they were doing an on-line contest with boston bands. he had heard of us and said they'd love to have us on board. we were skeptical, but said to ourselves, "what the hell," and signed up.

fans wrote into the site from all over the country voting for our band and we ended up winning! so what, you ask? exactly our thoughts. we really had no idea.

turns out the prize for winning the contest was a free recording session with the goal of putting together 1 song. cool concept, but this could have meant anything... we were still very skeptical to say the least... i mean, we could have found ourselves in some shady basement, recording through crappy equipment, and truly wasting a whole lot of our time.

man, were we wrong!

roie calls us up a few weeks later and tells us two things, both of which were ridiculously cool:

1. he had hired aaron johnson, multi-platinum producer of all "the fray" albums, to do our project.

2. he now wanted to record 3 songs with an option to put together a full album.


it was the kind of news that makes one furrow the brow look at the person standing nearby and say stuff like..."um....really?" or perhaps "would you mind quickly hitting me in the head with this mallet?"

long story short...(i know...too late)

we did the three songs.

loved them!

roie decided he wanted to do a full length album.


released the first three tracks while recording the rest of the album out in LA.

entitled the three song EP, "part one".

crazier still - on this next batch of recordings that we also LOVED, roie hired a guy named tim palmer to mix the tracks. tim, for those of you unfamiliar with the mixing engineer scene, is, simply put, the shit. he's mixed albums for pearl jam, U2, ozzy, goo goo dolls, mraz, and many, many more.


hopefully this album will be released sometime in 2011. we can't wait! we love it! keep your eyes peeled for announcements of the impending release!

on a different, and completely unrelated, yet still very exciting note, we have also been recording an acoustic album which we also LOVE! we hired producer, tim leitner, to work with us and we are thrilled with how it's coming out.

when will we release it?

we don't know!!

hopefully soon!!

i'm dying to have you hear all this stuff!!!

write in! demand results!! let the label know!

bug our management!

write in to the websites!!

accept no dillydally or tom foolery from us!!

the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease!

10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

3. no video -

we have no music video. it is a thorn in our side. we want one. bad.


not really sure.

it's what bands do, right?

they have music videos...

we want one.

we've wanted one for a while.

guess what?

no video.

the god of visual rock and roll representation hath raised his tattooed, lecherous fist and forsaken us.

wft, man?

where's our scantily clad, big haired, well endowed, glitter painted, sudsy girls washing our pretend mustang and making out with us during the choruses between panoramic shots of massive crowds in front of a giant stage with us sweating and rocking and me in front, doing a high kick in spandexy leather pants, landing gracefully and then sticking my giant tongue out of my open mouth and wiggling it just so, as if to imply, "yeah, i'm good at licking things".

well, we're not gonna sit around and take it anymore!

yup that's right.

in 2011 you can expect a full fledged, hardcore, bad-ass music video!

OK, it probably won't have sudsy girls.

or the mustang.

or the stage and spandex.

and tongue really isn't that impressive, so probably no tongue scene either...

but it will have spunk, flare, and perhaps even a touch of gumption as well.

it will be for the song "miss hallelujah"


on another note...there are many other things that have been lacking in 2010...

we're sick of our posters. need a change.

the "i love you box" needs a complete overhaul.

banners....we have no banners. what kind of self respecting band has no banners?

in short, chapter 3's 2010 low point is going to end with a call to arms.

yes people.

this means you.

got artistic ability?

send us some ideas!

we're an indie project! simple working class folk who need your help!

make a vid yourself and post it!

hell, it can't be worse than the crappy vlogs we put together!

(click here for an example of a crappy vlog:

who will answer the call and create a new "i love you box", because i'll tell you right now, i've seen turtle do arts and crafts, and it ain't pretty.

perhaps something in wood...

(stay tuned for chapter 4)

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