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Chapter 8: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 8 Best and Worst of 2010
8. the pen -

i have this fear that at some point the well is going to dry up and i'm going to cease to be able to write songs.  it seems to happen to a lot of artists.

it may happen to me.

my songwriting days may be numbered.

i hope not.

christ, i hope not.

i can tell you this though: 2010 has been one of my favorite years as far as songwriting goes.

we've been so busy that i've had to adjust the way that i write a little bit.  this has been a challenge to wrap my brain around...

when i was less busy, i would go through the day with songs in my head, always the guitar at the ready, constantly digging out ideas.

nowadays, it feels like every spare minute is consumed by playing shows, recording in the studio, and working on things for the non-profit (see chapter 5).  it is hard to find the quiet space that i need to reflect and process when writing a song.

i am starting to learn to take legitimate days off every once in a while, when i can physically remove myself from everything and everyone and dive fully into writing.

the iphone is also a total game changer.

(too bad it doesn't actually take calls very well)

i've got a hundred typed memos with song ideas, lyrics, and thoughts that i can later process.  i've got a hundred audio memos where i am either humming into the phone or playing a quick idea.

it has allowed me to value the creative ideas as they come, but not be a slave to them when i've got other things goin on.

i've also been co-writing a bunch, which i also love!

the label (see chapter 3) has flown me to LA and FLA to do songwriting sessions with great writers, chris seefried and john d'angelo.   i have also been going on some writing excursions of my own, writing with good friends ellis paul, adam elk, mike marotto, and john colvert.

co-writing is a crazy process because you really have no idea how things are going to come out.  the one thing you do know, is that no matter what happens, it's NOT going to unfold as you expect.  i love that!

as an artist everyone develops patterns.  i think co-writing is an amazing way to break out of various creative ruts you may not even be aware that you're in.

here's the problem.

it's a serious problem.

i gotta lotta new songs.

yes, some of them have been recorded in the studio (again, see chapter 3), but we are backlogged with albums that have been recorded and still need to be released.

how am i going to get these new songs out to you soon!??!

the thought of waiting years for these songs to see the light of day makes me sad.

yes, we can play them out, but the band is backlogged too as far as learning songs we want to start playing at shows.

we used to do something called "song of the month".  maybe it's time to bring that back.  we would post a song for free downloading each month and i would write a little blog about it...

i'd tell some of the back-story, or talk about the songwriting process.    we would mix in new songs with older, recorded songs, also giving people some insight into songs they may already know...

yup, i like it!

let's do it...

give us a month or so to set it up.


10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

8.   the basement -

yes, perhaps contrary to popular believe, the basement definitely goes under the worst category.

it's pretty crappy down there.

luckily, these days i'm pretty much never home.

honestly, all of us in the group are struggling to make ends meet these days.

it's a trade off.

we get to do what we absolutely love, but it's a hard path we've chosen to walk.

fear not though!

for the rock n' roll god of impoverished disheveledry is smiling down upon us, inspiring us as we walk the path and lightening our footsteps as we go...

here's to 2011! fighting the fight and continuing to enjoy the ride.

...we are glad that you are sharing it with us.

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