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Chapter 9: Best (and Worst) of 2010!

Chapter 9 Best and Worst of 2010


9.  fests! -

there is magic in festivals.  i can't tell you how glad i am that more and more of them are popping up all the time.

i mean what's better than a live concert except perhaps a shit ton of live concerts all stacked together in one place!?

what's better than going to a concert outside, except perhaps going to a concert outside and then wandering back to your tent 200 yards away, ready to wake up the next morning and start it all over again!?

what's better than doing your favorite thing in the world, except perhaps doing it with one to ten thousand random, crazy strangers, who by the end of the festival have somehow all become connected to you through this thing that you've all experienced together!?

since the reckless, rowdy, meandering days of my youth, i have loved festivals, and it brings me incredible joy to have had the chance to play so many in 2010!

now some of these appearances were not as glamorous as you might expect.  at nateva, for instance, we played on one of the side stages to a small yet enthusiastic crowd.  but even though we didn't get a chance to play for 2,000 dancing festival goers that weekend, you can bet your sweet bippy we took a couple days off of tour to hang out and soak in the experience.

here are some of the bands that appeared with us at fests this summer:

further with phil lesh and bob weir, the flaming lips, parliment funkadelic, blues traveler,  moe., derek trucks,  max creek, ryan montbleau, bela fleck, the felice brothers (my personal favorite of the summer), jakob dylan and a gagillion others...

so cool.

can't wait for next summer!


10 worst moments of 2010, (also not in any particular order), continued...

9. my first attempt at crowd surfing -

they dropped me.


not sure what possessed me to try it in the first place.

maybe it was the sold out mercury lounge crowd in nyc.

maybe i had consumed one too many redbulls before the show. didn't go well.

i have vowed though, by the rock n' roll god of absurdity and excess that my dream of stage diving will one day be fulfilled!

but this 2010  "worst" is only partially dedicated to my unsuccessful bout with gravity.  it really goes out to all of the ridiculous antics we've attempted on stage over the past year.

some of them worked out incredibly.

some of them crashed and burned.

some of them crashed and burned in amazing ways that still make me laugh to think about.

from singing lady gaga at the wearing matching mystical animal t-shirts at the stone church in taking shots between songs during my birthday in cincinatti where i clearly began to slur my words by the end of the improvisational jams that came completely off the sitting in with bands playing washboard and other ridiculous implements of noise writing my own version of "silent night" entitled "the sad lonely jew" at the new hampshire rockoustigrass winter solstice soiree and holiday turtle using my guitar as a josh yoyo'ing on post show unplugged song circles that lasted all night.

great memories.

all of them.

yes, even when they dropped me.


“adam gets dropped” :

“sad, lonely jew” :

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