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-Snow Days

-Snow Days
Snow Days

there's a hole in the basement where i live.

i can't see it but i know it's there.


my bohemian fortress hath been breeched!

it's somewhere behind the circuit breaker, in the dark corner amidst a mound of colonial era wood and crumbling foundation.

i ventured over and felt the angry draft.

angry is probably not the right word. i'm guessing the draft was not so much angry as just plain annoyed at my impeding its fine gusts with my clumsy, wind-resistant body.

regardless, we have both decided that we do not like each other at all.

i only went over there in the first place because i found myself unusually cold down there as of late. in addition, the neighborhood cat, monkey, (infected with feline HIV rumor has it), has been sneaking in there at night and curling up with me while i sleep.

a bit scary the first few times it happened.

i mean, cats are fine for snugglin, but really only when you're expecting them.

we were off tour this week, and it just so happened that my dad, who lives in wayland, decided to take a little vacation to warmer climates.


i packed up my guitar and headed back to my home town, where i have been hunkered down for the last 5 days.

it's been amazing.

not sure if this happens to you, but being in the house and town i grew up in fills me with this perpetual feeling nostalgia.

a story on every street.

"...oh...that's where artie dolan grabbed a pumpkin out of that old lady's yard and rolled it into the street where it slammed into a moving car..."

"...that's where i scaled up the side of kira's house to sneak into her bedroom..."

"...that's the spot where i crashed the car the first day i had my license..."

like invincible, pubescent ghosts constantly singing zepplin in my head.

and on top of it all, the snow has been incredible!

makes this place feel like a hobbit hole.

makes me think about snow days and sledding.

staying true to adolescent form i've been raiding the crap out of my dad's kitchen. this evening's entree: frozen chicken pot pie!!

tonight i will feast. then i will read about, egypt, and tunisia, and jordan, and syria, and lebanon, and be thankful for the weight of snow on roofs, creaking the walls just enough to let you know you are safe under the weight of it all...

see you on the road,



oh yeah...two quick things.

1. true to my 2011 new year's resolution #12, i thought we could post a free february download for yall. this month will feature the song "chain". This is a studio recording turtle and i did with the good people at Bose, during a concert series we were doing with them about 4 years ago. although a version of this song is on the album, "chain," i don't think this recording was ever actually released. i like this song a lot. helps remind me that when it all comes down to it, muslims and agnostic, hippie vagrants have a lot more in common than we do differences...

Click Here to Download Chain

2. i'm getting seriously fired up for the ramble this year. if you haven't heard, we're going to be recording the show live and burning it onto CD's that night you can take home. if you buy your tix before march 1st you get a free copy! i'm also looking forward to raising some money that day for folks in need right here in new england through Read More About Feeding America

i'm also very proud of our ramble website. check it out if ya gotta sec:

Visit The Ramble Website!

here's a vid we did that talks about it a bit:

Watch The Ramble Video!

Here are a few upcoming shows we hope to see you at

Stone Church, newmarket, nh

Me and Thee in Marblehead, ma

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