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AEG turns CD release show into concert for Haiti: Jan 23 at the Paradise in Boston

AEG turns CD release show into concert for Haiti Jan 23 at the Paradise in Boston
big couple of weeks!
 1. We've been thinking a lot about our neighbors in Haiti and we've been wanting to do something as a band. So, as of yesterday, we decided that we will be using our Jan 23 CD release conert as a fundraiser for the relief effort!! What better than to take a night when we will be surrounded by all of our hometown peeps, and make it about something bigger than ourselves.


yes…we're still ecstatic about the new CD, but some things are too important to pass over.  we've always felt that music should be about more just music.  it really feels like the night is coming together perfectly.


here's a little about the cause we'll be supporting:  it's called "partners in health" and it is paul farmer's organization..  if you don't know who this is, read "mountains beyond mountains" (one of adam's favorite books lately!).  they have essentially created a health care infrastructure in haiti over the last 20 years, all of their hospitals down there continue to function throughout the crisis.  this money will be spent quickly and effectively.  we're thrilled to be working with them...and they're based here in boston!!


thanks to all of you who have already bought tix!  we're getting close to selling out the frickin paradise!!  if you haven't picked some up yet here's the link!



2.  cash for clunkers – come out to any of our CD release concerts, bring an old "view from the root" and trade it in for an upgrade for free!!  adam will be volunteering at the pine street in homeless shelter this sunday and again in a few more weeks, and will be giving out your old "roots" to all of his friends there….they're gonna be so psyched!!


3.   NYC CD release concert on saturday, jan 30 at the mercury lounge!  we've packed some peeps into the merc before, but this will be our biggest show in NYC yet…make sure to get tix here in advance if you can...



4.  thanks to the boys in little feat for having us open for them the other night.  it was one of the thrills of our musical lives to share the stage with you!


5.  for you new englanders: On thursday, we'll be playing live on TV during the fox morning show in MA (8:30), as well as doing live performances at WERS 88.9FM (2:00) and WHEB 100.3 FM (4:00 in NH)...  we are also getting played on the River 92.5FM, and WZLX 100.7FM.  so call in a request!!!


WERS 88.9: 617-482-8890


WHEB 100.3:


The River 92.5:


WZLX 100.7:



as you can see, things are really starting to get crazy here at camp AEG.  thank you so much for being part of our little family!!





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