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Adam Ezra Group

playEddie Whistles

from Chain (2005) BUY

hey eddie

you’re looking good to go

your money’s where your mouth is

and your mouth is movin slow

you got the kinda walk that seems to waste away the day

and you can tell a lot about a man by what he does not say

hey eddie

you’re just like apple pie

your inside’s soft and sticky

but your outsides kinda dry

you’re living out the life you thought you’d never have to lead

but if i know you you’ve go something buried up your sleeve


and you’re walkin down the streets of the other side

finding all the secrets that they hide

whistle for me

hey eddie

you’re such a pretty freak

you tried out all the bad stuff

now the good stuffs looking bleak

and if i could i’d surely like to shake your twisted hand

spread your legend through the streets and all across the land


updated: 6 years ago