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from Chain (2005) BUY

dumb love song:

she’s been wandering round for days

wearing clothes you’d throw away

and her hair is knotted too

she sings tangled up in blue

and she knows every line

sings them different every time

when i see her i’m confused

‘cause i want her to be my muse

but she’s always movin on

just a second and she’s gone

walkin through the pines

and she walks different every time


i’ve been here before

around this room and through this door

it’s just another dumb love song

so come along

she says “adam, can you see

all the beauty within me

though i know i look a fright

i’m thinkin clean tonight

and if you will come with me

you will see things differently”

then she takes me by the sleeve

leads me out among the trees

to a cabin in a wood

where everything smells good

like a fire burnin pine

or the flowers that she finds

picks’m different every time


there we’d sit by candle light

at a wooden table deep in night

and she’d read me verse and song

and philosophies long gone

and she’d let me sing sometimes

and she’d know every line

when i wake up from my dreams

i’m alone and then it seems

that she was just pretend

or she’s wandered off again

and i miss her in my mind

miss her different every time


updated: 6 years ago