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playWestern Man

from Crawl (2005) BUY

western man:

let me introduce the fellah

group him under one umbrella

called the western man I tell ya

he’s something you should see

break him down he’ll build another

next time round he’ll take it further

in the end he’ll call you brother in his own democracy

freedom rings across his nation

built it up through immigration

high pay checks and long vacations

is what he’s got galore

a self-made man creates a fortune

overlooks the land he’s scorchin

buys it cheap across the ocean

shipped right to your door


we all try to take a side where we can make our stand

with a sigh, do or die, and they’ve come to kill the western man

he’ll sign them on as inventory

disregard their sacred story

if they refuse they’ll feel the fury

of all that he can do.

he befriends they fall asunder

he recalls a tiny blunder

depends on which regime you’re under

to change your attitude


desperate pride suicide, and they’ve come to kill the western man

the western man is not malicious

though some may call him dark and vicious

thinks himself as quite judicious

shake your head and smile

both are true I am assumin

aid is up, war is boomin

I think we need the western woman

to take the wheel awhile.


deserate pride, genocide …..

updated: 6 years ago