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playKeepin' On

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the wind blows gusting torrents past the vendors in the streets

and the morning glistens softly off the heros and cheats

i can hear the raucous rhythm as my heart beats with the dawn

it’s another day a ramblin - yeah i’ll be keepin on

and the colors burn like phoenix on the canvass of the times

beauty and repulsion hand in hand are flipping dimes

the stenographer keeps busy but he skips the subtle songs

you've got to listen like the hunted - yeah i'll be keepin on

and i’m walkin with a purpose though i know not where i go

i may hit the bulls eye running, i may never even know

yesterday may still just happen as tomorrow starts again

it will smile like i'm familiar like it knows just where i've been

and i’m shaking hands with strangers, taste their colors on my tongue

like the sunrise on the mountain, like the brass band in my lungs

it exhausts me to euphoria, it rings me like a gong

a peaceful bliss in whirling everything - yeah i’ll be keepin on

meanwhile the righteous politicians in the end all have their price

they’re now holed up with the preachers in the alley playin dice

and it all comes down like clockwork and the clock it plays along

it may lull the eager supplicants - but i’ll be keepin on

and out brothers and our sisters march out over foreign lands

in the mountains and the oceans, in the jungles and the sands

and our hearts are marching with them and we want them homeward bound

we’ll insist and then we’ll shout and then we will tear this whole place down

and if that ain’t patriotic, grab a book and have a read

dissension based upon morality is how this country came to be

we will raise a rebel ruckus, voices howl until they're gone

the patriotic faithful - yeah we’ll be keepin on.

and i promise i won't judge you by the way you comb your hair

or how you live and who you answer to in times of desperate prayer

if you’re afraid to chat with sinners then i’ll just shake your palm

i still love you sister/brother – yeah i’ll be keepin on

meanwhile jesus has a theme park and our country is a brand

owned by 50 men in china who have purchased all the land

and we’re selling arms for money cause that’s what we do we the best

get’m made by lockheed martin where the in crowd will invest

and our oil comes from lands that claim the west's a crooked blight

sometimes i sit down, soak it in, and gotta wonder if they're right

it's enough to make you dizzy, play the fool or play along

well my dunce cap's tall and mighty - yeah i'll be keeping on

i’m past the point of cryin, my reserves are in the drain

but i’m scratchin like a tom cat and i’m tumblin like rain

thinkin bout the answers when all i'll know before i'm gone

is that i'm nothing without everyone - yeah i'll be keepin on

the crime lords got their pardons and are now out on the prowl

the sprawling whirlwind marketplace sells voodoo candy now

the dandelion plagiarists, they pop up like disease

and the investment hungry pirates are all doing as they please

and the yawning vestal virgins all have given up the dream

the prosthetic profit con-men will soon be comin clean

the road to peace is just about as dark as it is long

with my canteen and my walking stick -  i’ll be keepin on

yes i will stand up on the mountain shouting let the bastards come

dirty and exhausted chew defiance like it's gum

‘cause us troubadours turn taps into a jubilation song

shuffling past infinity - yeah we’ll be keepin on

yeah it’s music that i’m talkin bout, the rhythms that i breath

the shady deals in tin pan alley to the rustling of the trees

the gun shots and the rain drops, our sorrow and our pride

it stuffs me like a suitcase and takes me for a ride

and our planet spits out hip hop and the city hums in time

from the babies sleeping softly to the restless futile crimes

when i’m reading over bacon when i’m bustling through the throngs

i’m humbled by it’s beauty - yeah i’ll be keepin on

the midnight highway’s soothing 'cause it knows the way back home

which is somewhere in the ether of our history’s churning foam

and we’re shaky but instinctual like the legs of newborn fawn

balance: it’s over rated - yeah we’ll be keepin on

the owl’s looking over me it knows me like itself

all of my desires saved for later on a shelf

there’s dirt beneath my fingernails, there’s havoc in my yawn

i will love with crisp abandon - yeah i’ll be keepin on


Adam Ezra Group


updated: 3 years ago