The Adam Ezra Group is creating a music video for "The Toast" and we'd like you to be a part of it!! 

For us, this song has always been about appreciating the moments we have together.  Because of this, it is always one of our favorite songs to play live. For those of you who have been gathering online with Adam these past months, the song has taken on a whole new meaning during this chapter. Lately we've been really thinking that it's time for us to have an official music video posted for our community to enjoy, and surprise-surprise, we'd like you to be involved!  :) 


The Vision: 

Last year AEG filmed a handful of performances of this song on  our phones, in green rooms & on stages. When it's time to actually edit this video together there will be many versions of us singing and playing that will be used throughout the video. 

That's only half of it though! 

In between shots of us, will be shots of YOU!!  Over the next five weeks you can film yourself and post your video to an online folder we've set up just for this project!! (**NOTE: if you submitted a video last year, we still have it!! You're always welcome to make more if you wish, too!) 



Here are the 3 kinds of videos we will be accepting: 

1.  A horizontal (shot in landscape - think widescreen!) video of you or a group (safely, please-- stick to those you live with or are able to distance properly with!) gathered anywhere you'd like, either toasting the camera or toasting each other. Please do NOT put yourself or anyone else at risk to get a video!!!! 

2.  A horizontal video of you or a group gathered anywhere you'd like, singing along to the "Hurricane Wind" recording during a chorus, a "raise up your glasses" line, or just about any other line in the song that speaks to you. 

3.  A horizontal video of you or a group gathered anywhere you'd like, singing along to the ENTIRE song....go for it!!! 




Tips and Pointers: 

1. PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE SAFE!!!! We ask that you continue to follow CDC guidelines when making your video. That might mean only including the people you live with, or even just singing/toasting on your own! If you choose to do a spaced-apart masked toast with friends or neighbors, that's fine too-- just please follow all health guidelines and be sensible! 

2.  You do NOT have to be drinking alcohol.  Yes, we all know Adam likes his whiskey, but we believe that this song is about much more than that.  Feel free to raise up some coffees, sodas, milk, water, or simply sing along with no beverage at all!! 

3.  DIVERSITY AND CREATIVITY COUNT!!!!  We obviously can't use all the footage we get.  IN FACT, we have told our editor that we want him to be ENTIRELY in charge of which videos get used.  While there will be no bias based on relationships, he is under strict instructions to prioritize interesting locations, creative performances, good camera work, and vids that capture the wide range of ages and cultures that make up this incredible community of ours. 

4.  IF YOU ARE SINGING OR LIP SYNCING, DO IT TO THE RIGHT TRACK!!  THIS VIDEO WILL GO TO THE AUDIO OF "THE TOAST" OFF OF THE ALBUM "HURRICANE WIND".  If your performance is not done to the right version of the song, it will not line up right when we put the video together!  If you are just raising a glass, this obviously doesn't matter. 

5. SHOOT LANDSCAPE GODDAMNIT!!!  Other than that, pretty much anything goes.  Yes, we will accept selfie vids :) 

6. Yes, you can submit more than 1 video :) 


We are inspired by this community every day.  Thank you for being such an important part of what we do.  We can't wait to see what you come up with!!!! 



**The Adam Ezra Group reserves the right not to use all content uploaded.  Once you submit the video through this form, The Adam Ezra Group has the rights to use and edit your content without restriction for the purpose of "The Toast Music Video." The Adam Ezra Group will be the sole owner of the final music video and not obtain further rights from the creator to use the file. **