gathering series live - host guidelines


Why This Is So Important:  

Most people don't realize this, but as a host you will be "on stage" throughout your entire event.  You will have a huge impact on the behavior of every one of your guests, even your closest friends and family.  For you humble people out there, this will be a hard thing to really internalize, but we promise that it is 100% true!    

If you decide you want to be a host, please know that we will be trusting and depending on you to be our partner in making sure all of your guests feels safe and respected.   


How Your Concert Will Unfold:  

AEG will perform 2 acoustic sets for you and your guests.  Depending on where we are in the Gathering Series, one of those sets may be livestreamed. 

The band will arrive approximately 3-4 hours before the concert starts for setup and soundcheck. 

You may invite your guests to arrive 30-60 minutes early, but before then Adam and the team tends to prefer to set up without an audience around, as well as connect and hang with you before your Gathering begins. 

After the show is over, it will usually take an hour or two for AEG to pack and thank Gatherers as they leave.


How We Set Up Your Concert For Ticket Sales:  

If you are selected to be a host, one of our team members will contact you about your available square footage of outdoor concert space.  We will then sell tickets based on that space.  We will make sure that we never sell more tickets than your space can safely host. 

When guests arrive they can find a spot to enjoy the show.  As a host, we expect that you will do your best to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe throughout the show. 


How We Sell Tickets:  

When your tickets go on sale, you will be given a ticket link that you can share with potential guests.  They will be able to click on that link and decide if they want to reserve a spot for themselves or a group.    

We give hosts the option to sell out their space privately to their community before opening up ticket sales to the public.  We can talk you through the process.



There should be access to a bathroom at your concert.  Hosts either allow access to home bathrooms or rent porta-pottys.  We ask that however you organize this, guests have access to sanitizer, and the option to socially distance if waiting for their turn.



Our main focus, as always, is everyone's health and safety.  We are monitoring the local COVID-19 trends and will exceed the protocols mandated by the local government.  Please note, based on these trends, we may revise our policy, and will notify all attendees.

We are following CDC and state guidelines when it comes to mask wearing.  Many people still choose to wear masks however, and we want to make sure these folks feel comfortable at our Gatherings!!  As a host, we ask that you make sure all of your guests are respectful to others who are clearly attempting to stay masked and maintain social distancing protocols.  We also recommend that you have a mask with you, and suggest wearing one when interacting with one of your mask-wearing guests.  The band will be following this protocol as well.



Hosting a concert in your own space is an amazing thing, and who wouldn't want to celebrate?!?  You are an adult and don't need a rule here, but we would just like to remind you that we are depending on you to maintain a safe and respectful music listening environment for everyone who attends your Gathering, throughout the entire night. 

We are honored that you want to host, but this only works if hosts are supporting our concert series, rather than us attending their private parties. 

If you'd like to hire AEG for a private party, great!  Email 

If you are hosting a Gathering Series Live show, you are joining our team for the night in order to bring a special live music experience to your community.  We'll need your help throughout the night!


Are children permitted?     

TOTALLY up to you.  Let us know in advance if you’d like your event to be family oriented or 21+.  We are striving for environments in which EVERYONE is comfortable.  Children often attend our events.  We do however, recommend you talk to your guests about maintaining social distancing with their children. 


How can I help the Adam Ezra Group get to my home?     

Most hosts contribute to a travel fund we set up to help manage the expenses of the tour.  If you've been to an AEG concert, think of it like an "I Love You Box" that covers gasoline, food, lodging, and the many other expenses that come up while on tour.  We do not choose hosts based on their ability to contribute to the travel fund, but it is the travel fund that in part makes this tour possible!    

If you believe in what we're doing and want to support our efforts, you don't need to be a host to contribute to the travel fund.  Just click here!


Here are the other pages we need you to read through before applying:

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Host Application - Applications are now closed for our Gathering Series Live Tour, but we'd love for you to apply next year!  Make sure to join our mailing list to be informed as soon as applications open up!


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