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Applications are now open to host a Gathering Series Live performance in your own backyard or outdoor space!! 

We performed almost 50 live gatherings last year in backyards and parks throughout the Northeast without one person getting sick. Our model for socially distanced, outdoor concerts is not only enabling us to share live music with this incredible community, but it is also inspiring others around the country to do the same. 

Read more about it here:

3/12/21: GATHERING 365 and NEW SINGLE!

It has truly been the honor of my musical life to gather with you all for the past year. Thank you, For Gathering 365 and forever, for inspiring me everyday, and reminding me that we can face anything when we do it together…

 We made this new recording for you…hope you like it:


We have some new music for you!!!!  'All Right Today' is our first release of 2021 in what we're calling "The Album Project," a studio mission involving 19 tracks we will continue to share in real time, as we finish them.  You can now stream 'All Right Today' on Spotify  and other streaming platforms!