We've hit the ground running with chapter 2 of the Gathering Series.  Each weekend we are taking you along for an entire AEG show, and every Tuesday at 7pm EST it's Adam and a camera, like so many nights we shared together during our first 500 nights.

11/22/2021: High Desert Woman is out now!

We have officially released "High Desert Woman" on all streaming platforms.  We've waited a long time for this one, but it's finally out of the oven and ready for Thanksgiving!!

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Not only do we love this song, but we are incredibly excited to announce that the legendary Jerry Douglas is playing on this track with us.  For those of you who do not follow americana music closely, Jerry holds 14 Grammys, and has 3 times been awarded "Musician of the Year" by The Country Music Association for his dobro and lap steel playing.  He recorded both instruments on "High Desert Woman," and Corinna especially can't listen to this track without blushing and then curling up in the fetal position. :) 

Couldn't be more excited to share with you...

The more this song is streamed and shared, the more visible it will be.  We've had over a quarter million streams of Switching to Whiskey.  We'd like to give that song a run for its money with High Desert Woman!

11/22/2021: Holiday Treaters

As always, we like to make sure we have some exciting new things for you to share with your loved ones during the holiday season.  We often invite you to think about our treaters for people you care about, but this year we want to remind you that you can also help out the people who love you by sharing the link to our store, and letting them know exactly where they can get YOU your perfect holiday gift.  :) 

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11/16/2021: Northeast Regional Folk Alliance 2021 Recognizes Adam Ezra as Creator of the Year, for The Gathering concert series: 

I am incredibly honored to accept this on behalf of our amazing Gathering team, but also on behalf of you all: our amazing community who has stood by and supported one another through the pandemic.  It was your participation and engagement that has continued to make The Gathering Series such a success, and I love that we get to continue this journey together every Tuesday at 7pm EST, and once a weekend live from stage…❤️ 

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