Well, y'all asked for it, so we're giving it a shot!!  No, we're not quite big enough to host an entire cruise on our own, but we've partnered with a cool company called Fan Club Cruises to reserve our own little block of rooms on a massive Royal Caribbean ship.  We'll spend 4 days traveling to Cozumel and back, we will have access to all of the activities, dining, and events put on by the larger cruise, and ALSO do our own thing together each day on various parts of the ship.  Unlike our Winter Gathering and Getaway Sessions trips, which are both designed to be deep dives into the AEG song archives, this trip will involve a couple music sessions each day, mixed in with some good hang time together on the ship...us bandies and you "stowaways"...a chance for us all to spend some time together in luxury and sunshine...

Head over to the Fan Club Cruises Site to learn more about the schedule and tickets.   WE CAN'T WAIT TO CRUISE WITH YOU!!

Click here for more information and to reserve your cabin!

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