The Getaway Sessions 2023
Scholarship Program

September 17-19, 2023

We recognize this is one of the most expensive tickets we offer.  If being a part of The Getaway Sessions would mean a lot to you, but you're worried about the financial aspects, please let us know.  We will work out a discounted rate for you and whomever you are coming with, tailored to what you can afford.  It's important to us that you appreciate this is NOT charity.  This is the kind of program that Adam himself would have needed to take advantage of through most of his adult life, and we can find creative ways for you to help out our team during this trip or at other AEG shows in exchange if that interests you!  Email and we can discuss the options further. 

Ragtop Angels:  If you would like to become one of our "Ragtop Angels" and support a Gatherer who could use some help in order to afford this trip, email and we can discuss the option further.